Sunday, 9 June 2013

Work in progress

Just a quick post today as I'm busy sorting out the office and doing a bit of work in the garden.

I'll share posts on them soon as they're looking very different than the last time I shared them.

This was a present from Toms mum and her partner Bob for our engagement, I hung it over the office door as we have the coat hanger on the other side that I could attach it to.

Thank you to everyone for all the presents and cards, the living room is covered in birthday and engagement cards and everyone has been so happy for us :)

I'm off to finish the office as I got to this stage yesterday before going to Dads for a barbecue
The desk is empty and ready to be dismantled so tasks for today are dismantle desk, empty the tank and push it back to the wall, refill it with water (they could do with a water change any way), clean and mop the floor where the desk and tank have been, find homes for all the displaced stuff from the desk and set up the table. Hoping it won't take too long and I can get out in the garden this afternoon as well!

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