Friday, 14 June 2013

Friday Inspiration

I added in a lot more items to the side bar this week, so now you can search the blog, click to look at my pinterest page, follow me via bloglovin, share posts via facebook or twitter, view recent tweets, follow via email or contact me all at the click of a button!

I also added in a pretty cool function that if you hover over any of my pictures a 'pin it' button appears so you can pit it directly from here.

Other than that it's been another busy week, I had a lovely relaxing weekend of barbecues and gardening. Then only 2 days of work then off for the rest of the week because we went to see Joe Satriani at Colston hall Wednesday night and stayed over at a hotel. It was a brilliant night, the second time we've been to see him and both times were an amazing show.

Then last night I helped present an award at the Gloucestershire apprenticeship awards for the outstanding apprentice in health, education, public services and care. It was a good night with a nice meal beforehand and all the apprentices were brilliant. I won the award last year after finishing an apprenticeship and level 3 NVQ the year before and find the apprentice's stories so inspiring, and in the current job market where people with university degrees are struggling to find employment seeing young people go for an apprenticeship and work hard to get into a good job is so great.

So onto the home inspiration....

The french doors and neutral yet moody colours in this room look great, I also love the rug
This little courtyard really caught my eye, it's pretty bare (If it was mine I'd add in a few plants) but the bright white walls and minimalist outdoor furniture are pretty welcoming, and the blue sky and sunshine helps
Another room with large windows and a sofa placed between them, seems loads of rooms online have this similar furniture arrangement, I do like it but don't think we could pull it off without our massive sofa! I like the grouping of 3 small tables rather then one coffee table here, it would be a bit more flexible. Also the light fixture is pretty and a bit different for a living room.
This bedroom is lovely and light and the bedding is beautiful, white sheets with patterned pillows and duvet. The general styling is great too, feminine but not too girly.
I love that this bathroom, although small, has still made room for a nice bath and a vanity rather than just a pedestal sink. The wall colour is also perfect for a bathroom, soft and slightly water toned.

That's what I've seen this week, looking forward to a nice weekend, it's the Cheltenham food festival so hoping to get there and try some samples and get some nice food in :)

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