Friday, 7 June 2013

Friday Inspiration

Another busy week has flown by, we had a pretty good weekend with a night out Saturday and a barbecue to recover Sunday, then a manic work week as usual...

The weather has been gorgeous so I've been working on our garden, having lots of barbecue for tea and reading in the sunshine! I finished 'The White Queen' that I said I had started last week, pretty good although I got a bit lost on who was onto 'Long Gone' by Alaifair Burke, about half way through and it's a pretty easy read, one of those with lots of separate stories that you know will all be connected in the end.

Still I've been browsing the web for inspiration (my pinterest wedding board is also going well!!)

I saw this makeover on Young House Love and pinned it from there, the stainless steel island is a great modern touch in an otherwise quite traditional kitchen, if you click through the rest of the place is also pretty awesome
This hanging chair is so pretty, I've always wanted one but have never had anywhere to hang one or a big enough space for the free-standing ones :(
I love the herringbone floor and the desk between 2 large windows, although I wouldn't get anything done and spend my days daydreaming out the window if this was my desk! Anyone who has seen my work desk will also concur that my desk could never look this clear...
This industrial looking cabinet goes so well in a bathroom, I envy those with room for cabinets or other furniture in their bathrooms! It could also look great in a kitchen or utility room.
I think what caught my eye here was the French doors and rich colour wood floors, but the console table arrangement and the artwork are also lovely

So that's another weeks inspiration. It's always more inspiring when the sun is shining and we have lots to celebrate, I hear the good weather will be over for a while next week so make the most of it this weekend everyone in the UK!

We're having takeaway for dinner tonight then a barbecue tomorrow and I'll share a garden update soon as after a bit more work over this weekend it should be looking good

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