Sunday, 16 June 2013

To Do Update

I last shared my to do list for the flat back in March when the blog had not long been in existence, and since then a lot has been done around here. I think starting the blog and showing the world our flat really lit a fire under my backside to get things done! 

I thought it would be good to share the updated list, to keep me motivated...

Entrance Hallway

  • Get storage furniture - A large cupboard or wardrobe   Done!
  • Organise the stuff stored in there  Done!
  • Add art and photos - 1/2 done there are a few small photos on the bookshelves but I want to add in some larger scale art.
  • Give the room a purpose other than storage and drying washing! - Not done yet but I have a few ideas
  • Once we have the wardrobe/cupboard move items from other rooms into it   Done! And also the small ottomans on top of the wardrobe are now full with kitchen and office stuff.
  • Maybe a runner or a rug - Not done but this will be one of the last finishing touches so will probably be last thing on the list for this room.
  • Organise music equipment Done!
  • New desk - Done! Well we actually got rid of the desk and got a table.
  • New computer - I'm typing this first post on my new asus eee, well 2nd and actually it was £75 on eBay and came with a full size screen also and a case, bargain! - Netbook still working and so little it can fit into my handbag :)
  • New desk chair Won't need one any more as no more desk.
  • Update fish tank (this really is a 'one day' thing as the one we have is fine it's just a bit dated) - Not done although we have changed the filter as the big external one broke so we are back to a small internal one which seems to be working fine. Probably next on the list of large purchases.
  • Mat under cat litter tray Done!
  • Add art and photos  Done! 
  • Sort out the lighting 
  • Possibly change light fixture (the one in here came with the flat so we'd have to store it away safely)
  • Maybe a rug under the desk, see once we get the desk - Not done but not sure this one is needed any more since a rug under the table isn' really needed and we don't have the desk
  • New wardrobes asap Done!
  • New bed - After the turtle tank this is probably second on the list of large purchases
  • Find use for the old bedside tables or get rid of them - maybe repaint or otherwise update them - Not done yet, they are full of stuff so we need to replace them or update them can't just get rid.
  • New bedside tables - Nope not yet, although we were waiting until we got the bed but now the tank has moved up the list we might just get some temporary ones as having to put everything on the floor by the bed is a bit rubbish.
  • Shoe storage  Done!
  • Bedside lamps - Again no as waiting for bed but if we get some tables then we can use our old ones that have just been in storage.
  • Declutter! - Sort of, we got the ottomans on top of the wardrobes and had a sort out but the room is still a bit cluttered for my liking. 
  • Organise under bed storage Done!
  • Organise storage on top of wardrobes - Done!
  • New bedding - Not done but will be a final finishing touch so last on the list
  • Art and photos - Sort of done we have the canvas on top of the trunk, but we have permission to hang things on the chimney breast just need to get it done...
  • Update mirror and maybe hang on wardrobe door - Mirror will be updated but not hung on the wardrobes now we have our new ones as they are a. too nice to spoil with a cheap mirror and b. the doors are too narrow.
  • Get some storage solutions for toiletries - Done!
  • Artwork and maybe photos - Not yet, looking for something for the back of the toilet.
  • Organise the built in cupboard - 1/2 done, got the cleaning supplies organised but want a shelving unit in there too
  • Get a shelving unit for the built in cupboard to store more in there - not done
Living Room
  • Get new sofa in  - Done!
  • New coffee table - maybe a trunk or box - Not done, I might try to DIY something with our current table...
  • New CD and DVD shelves  - Done!
  • Declutter - Sort of done but we need to hang some of the photo frames as there are too many on the surfaces
  • Stands for Toms guitars - Done!
  • Find places for all the photos and add in some larger pieces - still in progress, the photos all have places but we can now hang stuff on the chimey breast so need to get on that and I want to DIY some larger pieces.
  • DIY or buy a roman shade to brighten up the window - not done.
  • Runner for behind the sofa - maybe DIY  Done!
  • More cushions for the sofa - some different patterns and colours - Not done but I'm keeping an eye out for cushions...
  • Organise cupboards - Almost done just one more cupboard to go.
  • Get a spice rack - Done!
  • Declutter work surfaces - Done!
  • Storage storage storage - top cupboards and in cabinets - Done!
  • Get a nicer dish drainer - done, I don't think there are actually any photos of our old one but it was a silver plastic one we had for ages and it was a bit gross 
  • Get a cutlery organiser for the drawer  - Done!
  • Art and photos  - Done for now I might change some around though
  • New cups that match or at least look better than work freebie ones!
  • Maybe get a rug or better door mat - I'm going to DIY one with the off cuts from the living room rug when I get round to it
  • Move rarely used items into the hallway cupboard Done!
  • Sort out bins, maybe one bin with 2 sections rather than 2 different bins
  • New cat bowls Done!
  • Add plants in pots to the front - Not done but not really much space so I've kind of scrapped this idea.
  • Add a window box to bedroom window - Again not sure this is possible but I might try next spring.
  • In back garden add plants in pots  Done!
  • Generally tidy back garden  Done!
  • Maybe find somewhere else to keep the bikes to free up space - Not done but not really possible.
  • Get some clocks! We have none in the whole house and have to check our phones or the TV for the time - Still not done!
  • Sort out all the bills (at the time of writing this I still have not had our final electricity bill from when we moved in here and have not had the deposit back from our last house) - GAH gas bill not done, but given up now if they want my money they can get in touch with me I am not calling them again! Also not holding out much hope on the deposit but that is a whole other story. 
  • Find homes for all the photo frames and ornaments, this will probably be ongoing as we move and acquire furniture - Yep still ongoing but getting there

Additions to the list so far:
  • Seat cushions for the benches on the new table, possible DIY
  • Put up picture hooks in the living room and bedroom on the chimney breasts
  • Possible rearranging of the hallway depending on a few other things in the pipeline (can't share yet!)
  • New duvet
  • New pillows - we have memory foam ones and Tom's not keen on them, they're a bit hard
  • New bathroom accessories like soap dispenser, tumblers and soap dish (They are from our old house and don't match)
  • Possibly new towels for same reason as above
That's the current state of the to do list, it's good to cross stuff off and see how much you've gotten done. Although often things change and some items don't need to be done after all, and sometimes ticking off one thing means adding on more because the one project leads you on to 5 more!

Also I found the bolts for the table in the boot of Toms car so they were supplied with the table, we ate at it over the weekend and it was nice to sit up at a table.

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