Tuesday, 4 June 2013

April showers bring May flowers...

Well we had enough showers didn't we? The weather finally seems to have caught onto the fact that it's summer now!

This is the monthly flowers post, I actually thought this would peter out after a month but we seem to be sticking to it!

I got these white tulips reduced for £1 a bunch at Sainsburys, they had a bit of life left but only lasted a few days really (although for £2 I wasn't that worried)
When they were dying off Tom brought home these lovely mulitcoloured tulips to replace them I think also from Sainsburys (Or Asda it was with food shopping any way!).
He's a keeper :)

Anyway then there's these 3 which although they're plants not flowers I'm going to include
We have loads of cards around, my birthday and engagement at the same time we can't find a place for all of them!

This one was a thank you from my manager for orgnanising our open day on the 27th of April

Then Tom's mum got me this one for my birthday as a coincidence, it's quite nice having the 2 matching plants in different colours! They both come in bright little pots as well

My friend Sam then got me these roses for my birthday, we need to get some more pots for the garden as we need to move some plants to larger pots so I'm hoping to get one for these and put them in the garden

I also bought 2 bunches of these for our engagement party table decorations and ended up not needing all of them so some went in a vase in the kitchen. In the rush of making the decorations in time for the party I threw away the packaging before I made a note but I think they were £2.50 a bunch and I think they're carnations?
My mum and Simon also got us this engagement present, from the supermarket in Holland they were in when I rang to tell them we were engaged. It looks lovely on our little garden table and is easy to move when we want to eat on there (Or I'm actually writing this post on Saturday evening sat there with a glass of wine)

All in all a pretty floral month! the garden is also growing nicely and some more flowers will hopefully be out soon, I'll share photos once they are.

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