Friday, 16 August 2013

Friday Inspiration

How has everyones week been? We had a great weekend, busy but fun with a bit of (not very successful) outdoor climbing in the forest and a barbecue. We're hoping to try somewhere more suitable for some outdoor climbing Sunday if the weather isn't too terrible (I hear it's not meant to be great) and off to macgicland on Saturday taking my niece for her birthday present.

I've not really been on Pinterest this much so this first one is a bit of a 'golden oldie' that I pinned ages ago, it was brought back to my attention this week by a flurry of repins. In our old house I had wanted to paint the walls a soft green colour like this, but I also really liked the bookshelf in the alcove and the orange patterned bedding. I wouldn't ever think to pair orange and green but it works here.
I really liked the inside/outside vibe in this house, and the fluid curved line of the ceiling above letting in more light from above is a really great feature
I'm not usually one for a rustic style bathroom (see last Fridays post!) but the aqua colour here caught my eye, we used to have a slanted loft ceiling in the bathroom in an old house which worked really well.
Have great weekends all, we're going to be busy which is great but also means tonight I'll be trying to do all the housework!

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