Wednesday, 14 August 2013

If we owned our flat

If we bought our flat tomorrow I'd rip this out asap
It's a pretty good idea having a built in doormat but it gets dirty pretty fast and is really hard to clean. Other doormats I've had I've just been able to put in the washing machine when they get really gross, I tend to have a bristly one outside then just a mat inside. The bristles catch on the hoover or any cloth I try to clean it with and all come out so every time I clean it I just end up with a hoover or cloth full of bristles and the mat looks no better. I tried to shampoo it once and it soaked up all the shampoo and went all lumpy so I had to dry it out with a dehumidifier! Anyone have any tips?

Also the cats pee on it, they rarely ever wee anywhere outside the litter tray (usually if they do it's our fault like if we accidentally shut them in a room away from the tray) but I think the texture and deep pile is inviting to them. This means we have to keep the hallway door closed all the time when it would be nice to have it open more often to open the space up a bit. I've doused it in the cat repellent spray to try keeping them away but that wears off after a while and then I'm back cleaning up cat wee!

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