Friday, 6 September 2013

Friday Inspiration

We've had a pretty busy week, September is a busy work month for Tom but he does have Sunday off so looking forward to a day together maybe going to a local wedding fair then bouldering if the warehouse is open! I went to a wedding open day at our venue last Sunday which was nice, as it's not easy to just go up and look around (it's not a public building) we want to take every opportunity to go up there and have a look around, also my family were keen to go and have a look so it was nice to take my sisters, mum, Toms mum, Toms sister and my Gran there to show them around as it might be the only time they see it before the day!

Still been on Pinterst of course, in fact Tom got a new laptop for us last week with his vouchers from work (he gets love2shop vouchers  as a bonus), as our old desktop is knackered and my netbook can't cope with being the main computer and having to store all our photos etc, so I've been enjoying it on a larger screen and ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the better picture quality and how much faster it is!

To go with our new laptop, maybe a new desk! I like the neutral colours and the glass desk here, although I'd need more storage in a proper office, and the relaxed feel is quite a nice vibe for a work area.
This entire apartment is beautiful (and in Paris, a beautiful city) and it has a garden, but this work area really drew me in. I've evidently got a thing for offices this week but I really like this setup, the shelves keep the desk clear to work at and the armchair looks so comfy!
Another office! I actually did not plan this it is just what I've been pinning, maybe I miss the desk...

This garden office would be perfect for someone working from home, giving you a space away from your living space. Even just as a library or reading room it would be gorgeous at the end of the garden!
Have a fun weekend everyone!x

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