Monday, 2 September 2013

If we owned our flat

Time for this months look at what we would do if this place was ours, Wednesday will be an update on the start of the decluttering, so if you're joining in stop by and let us know how you're getting on.

If this was our flat I'd have more kitchen storage, seriously we only have one upper cabinet! The boiler is in one so only the one on the right can be actually used.
3 of the 4 walls in the kitchen have no upper storage on them, and we only have 4 usable cabinets and one drawer in the kitchen. It's such a random design, I'd have upper cabinets on one wall (Like continuing round in an L shape above the 'breakfast bar' and joining up to the current one on the right) and some open shelves on another, probably open shelves on the wall with the window so not to block any light.
It would really help get stuff off the counter tops and make the kitchen a bit more functional, the only reason I could see as to why it isn't already there would be as it's a small kitchen too many overhead cabinets might make it feel a little closed in, which is why I would do open shelving on one side.

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