Friday, 13 September 2013

Friday Inspiration

Feeling tired and bit like I might be coming down with something this week, maybe just a sign that I haven't had a holiday yet! Usually we go in May but this year decided to go later...and I cannot wait!

We did have a lovely day Sunday this week, going to the bride & groom show at Cheltenham town hall and getting lots of inspiration and leaflets. We then strolled back through town to pick up a few things with some vouchers and coupons we had, went for a bouldering session then cooked a roast dinner..perfect Sunday!

Lots of home inspiration this week (and not all offices this time!)...

I would love a dining nook in the kitchen, with benches and modern table like this one
This bathroom is just rich and luxurious yet calming and serene as well...I spy an open shower and a dressing room to the back as well.
I pinned this for the subway tile (surprise surprise) but the letters are pretty cool and the tap is nice although brushed nickel finish isn't my favourite
Happy Friday everyone! I'm looking forward to the weekend, absolutely knackered cannot wait to sink into my bed tonight...xx

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