Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Week 4

Week 4 of the decluttering mission in our household, you can see the previous posts here, here, here, here and here.

Under the bed finally got done this week, and it looks great! Before:

The cardboard box had Avon stuff in and I gave that up last year so that went straight in the 'to go' pile, the rest is bedding, wrapping paper, cosmetics, candle making supplies, and a small Christmas tree. If the tree doesn't get used this year it will go too but I wasn't sure so kept it for now.

I wanted everything under there to be in a storage box, as some of the stuff that came out was so covered in dust and cat hair it had to go in the bin! It also will make it easier to hoover under there every now and then (you can see all the dust I dragged out on the carpet in the before pics!) if I can just pull a few boxes out and hoover under rather than finding stuff like this

The rest of the week was:
 Bedroom – Under the bed - Weds
 Bedroom – Under the bed - Thurs
 Bedroom – Drawers - Fri
 Bedroom – Surfaces - Sat
 Bedroom – Misc - Sun
 Living room – DVD’s - Mon
 Living room – Corner by DVD’s - Wed

So pretty much finishing off the bedroom over the weekend, I just went through the drawers in the corner (mostly empty already after this clear out) then went over the surfaces. Then I gave it all a good tidy up as it had been a disaster area for a week!
The clothes on the bed were all for listing on ebay again as it was a free listing weekend (check them out here if you want a bargain!)

Starting on the living room is great as this corner has been doing my head in...
It has just collected clutter! Once it's clear I may actually move the sofa in a little to stop the junk collecting. Although before we moved we had a massive DVD clear out we till brought a lot of DVD's with us, and have watched about 3 of them since! So we decided most of them could go.
Before (bookshelf on the left)
Empty shelves! Although the DVDs have actually only moved about 3ft away to here as I need to check with Tom before getting rid of them all!
We're making such good progress, the to go pile is getting so big I had to reorganise it so we could get in and out of the front door! Pictures next week once we've done the living room as it will be even bigger!

Have any of you been decluttering? I'm actually having a whale of a time doing this, and I'm dreaming about styling up those empty bookshelves with some ornaments and maybe a few nice hardback books...

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