Friday, 20 September 2013

Friday Inspiration

A pretty bring week here really! Work, work, climbing, walking dead season 2 on DVD (no spoilers please we've not finished it yet!), work, work, climbing, work...pretty standard. The bouldering room at the warehouse is back open properly after all the refurbishments so spending a lot of time there and hoping to get back into the 3 times a week routine.

The wedding fitness plan is in full swing and I'm going climbing so often as I'm pretty rubbish at dieting, anyone who's tried to deal with me when I'm hungry or have nothing in the house that I like to eat will concur...offer me a salad or a diet bar and you may end up wearing it! Case in point yesterday at work my colleague and I were debating whether to eat the chocolate éclairs in the fridge (well I was waiting for her to open the packet) another colleague said 'ooh 300 calories in each that's like a whole meal'...we agreed that 300 calories is not a meal (pffft I think my roast potatoes are about 300 calories alone!) and proceeded to eat the é I had to try extra hard bouldering yesterday resulting in my typing this with claw-hand and having a rather uncomfortable day at work with aching arms! Ah well life's too short not to each the occasional éclair or 3!

Other than stuffing my face and then trying to work it off I've of course been looking at home inspiration...

This little work corner is lovely, I'd like this as a home office space as it's not too big and also so pretty you wouldn't mind looking at it out of work hours...although chances are if I you actually worked here it wouldn't stay that pretty for long
This bathroom is unfinished here but the bath and pouffe are gorgeous, and the mirror is probably way out of my price range but looks fab. The bath in front of a big window like that...gorgeous to stare out at the scenery or night sky while soaking in the tub (providing you don't have neighbours very close unless you're a total exhibitionist!) would be so soothing
I am jealous of these windows with their multiple panes and different options for opening, and the ceiling height. We will never be able to grow a tree in our flat! This girls flikr feed is pretty good actually with some lovely interiors as well as others
As usual more on my pinterest page - warning it has been over taken a little with wedding pins! It's never ending inspiration, I start most wedding talk (Ok ok most sentences altogether) now with 'I saw this thing on pinterest...'

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