Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Week 2

For the back story on my decluttering project see the first, second and third posts. Another hit and miss week for me, I finished off the hallway (Tom is yet to go through his music stuff) and started on the dining room which is pretty straightforward as there actually isn't a lot in there. I did miss a few days but to be honest could do the whole dining area in under 20 minutes so I wasn't too worried about catching up and doing a few areas together. 

The list so far is:

  1. Hallway – Books
  2.  Hallway – Cupboard
  3. Hallway – Small ottomans
  4. Hallway – Music equipment
  5. Hallway – Shoes
  6. Hallway – Surfaces
  7. Hallway – Misc
  8. Dining – Table
  9. Dining – Boxes on tank
  10. Dining – Pet supplies
  11. Dining – Misc
  12. Bedroom – Chest of drawer
  13. Bedroom – Kate’s wardrobe (today)

The hallway needed a bit of a tidy and I did get rid of some things but it was mainly just stuff for the bin, like junk mail on the table and a load of post for the previous tenants that I needed to return to sender that I finally got round to doing (If you recognise this flat and used to live here, hey here's an idea, CHANGE YOUR ADDRESS!). 
We had the computer set up there to get all the photos and files off it, it's now in the to go pile! We had that old desktop (storing our photos and used to be our main computer but so outdated), an old laptop (nearly dead only keeping it as the desktop doesn't do itunes) and my netbook (solely for internet browsing). So 3 computers that all do and don't do different things! Now we've amalgamated them into one laptop and one netbook, so much easier! 
I also chucked out a few litter tray liner packets that had accumulated in the cupboard. 2 of the blue boxes on the shelves don't even have anything in them so not much I can declutter there, although it's still great to look over it and get rid of a few bits. The bonus of going through these means that I did look through our envelopes of vouchers and we discovered we have over £100 of Debenhams vouchers as well as smaller amounts for other places like WHSmith, so we went into town on Sunday and bought a folder and some stationery for making a wedding folder as there were also little piles of brochures, business cards etc around  :) 
I also started the bedroom yesterday with my chest of drawers. I did a quite large clothes cull back here, but did find a few bits I could get rid of like some underwear that has gotten a bit tatty (not going to share photos!) and I'm going to do the wardrobe this evening, I think I do have a few dresses I could get rid of as even though I've gotten rid of some the wardrobe is still overflowing. 

I think it's going well, any clutter out is a good thing, there will be some areas with more than others so this week being a bit slower than last week isn't a bad thing. 

Have you been taking part or has this inspired you to declutter any of your stuff? How are you getting on?

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