Wednesday, 12 March 2014

1 Year (and a bit)

I let my blogs one year birthday slip by without mentioning it at all! It kind of dawned on me at the end of February that the blog had been going for a year, and I meant to write something....and now we are nearly halfway through March! Will someone please stop these days from sprinting the blog is 13 months old now, but hey ho I thought I'd still do a bit of a look back. I'm trying not to get too mushy or overly excitable (spoiler alert, it doesn't work) and look at the facts and figures of the last year, so this is the breakdown of what has happened here on Tenant Chic over the last year (and 1 month).

The blog has had 159 posts in total...the first one was back on 7th February 2013. It contained all of the before photos of the flat, when we had just moved in and from when we viewed it before moving in. I like to look back at this one when I feel like the flat isn't how I want it, to remind myself how far it's come!

The first Friday Inspiration post was back in Feb 2013 too, and is pretty much the only regular post to still be going regularly now, along with the (forgotten for a while but recently reinstated) 'If we owned our flat...' posts. Failed ones over the last year have been payday wishlists (dull to write, downright boring to read), monthly flowers (soon to be reinstated now Spring is back but will probably be a sporadic post). I had a pretty busy posting schedule in the early months with 4 posts per week Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat/Sun but that was too hard to maintain with a full time job and somewhere around summer last year I dropped the weekend post. Friday Inspiration has since become 'weekend inspiration' so can come up on either Sat or Sun depending on my schedule!

The wedding blog also made a start last year, when I got engaged and wanted to talk weddings but didn't want to fill this blog up with wedding things. It's really a side project and I don't post nearly as often on there as on here, but it's still getting some views and I hope this year and into next I will have more to say on there.

On this page the most popular posts have been:
This one from the first month on cleaning supply storage
This one on making my own runner for the living room, which is one of my favourite projects although it could currently do with a wash.
Those two are the breakaway favourites with more than double or triple the page views of the others, but some of the other most read posts are this one on the garden, this one on saving money and this one on our to do list.

I get my page visits from all different places it seems, the most from one singular point is this post in the Young House Love Forums. Other than that's it's pretty spread out and includes facebook, pinterest, bloglovin and twitter.

The google search starts are pretty random, it's what people have searched for on google to direct them to my blog:

best dark bathroom

cat litter mat chic

cleaning pile clothes

diy table decorations

furniture turtle tank pinterest

how to make shoe hanger

lux decor dining room

office dining room

I get most of them, wouldn't call our dining room lux but I'm taking that as a compliment! And our bathroom is a 'best dark bathroom' or has chic cat litter mats, um, cool? It seems there are people actually google searching my blog name too which is amazing!

As far as you readers go, I don't know a lot about you, but hi! Thanks for reading!

I know some of my real life friends and family read, but I'm surprised by the stats sometimes that show lots of foreign readers. The last year the readers have been from:
United States
United Kingdom

The UK and USA were pretty near on numbers, I think possibly because of the YHL forums and that a lot of the blogs I follow and comment on are American it means I get more American readers. I just think it's great that someone other than my mum and Tom are reading! If you're a regular reader feel free to say hi in the comments, I'd love to know who's out there!

I'd also love feedback from you, so please comment or contact me if you have any burning questions or (constructive) feedback, like you want less of some posts, more of others, did I randomly start a project then never post the end (I know the decluttering has stopped, IRL it has stopped too, update on that soon) or is there something I didn't explain very well?

So that's the past year in figures. One thing I can't break down into numbers is the satisfaction from running this blog, just having somewhere to ramble on and post pictures of my little flat and have people actually read it is fantastic. Thank you to everyone who has read, commented or searched for this blog over the last year, I hope this year will be better and bigger than the last!

Also to whoever has google searched my blog name so many times last year, and those of you who are reading regularly, you can follow me on various blog readers. You can then get posts sent to you every time there is a new one rather than keep checking back, I use Bloglovin' for the blogs I read, there's a link on the sidebar on the right to click through to follow this blog with bloglovin.

There's also a box on the side bar on the right to follow by email, so you can get new posts emailed to you if you don't want to sign up to a blog reader. If you prefer just to check back though that's absolutely awesome, just want to make it easier for you so you will keep reading!

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone, thanks for reading xxx

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