Saturday, 1 March 2014

Weekend Inspiration

Hope you all had a lovely week, it was Toms birthday on Thursday so we went to see Newton Faulkner on Thursday night and I've had a few days off. So lovely relaxing week for me, and we're having a party tonight :)

Other than that this week has mainly just been climbing, bouldering and going to a few gym classes so today I've been doing yoga and generally slobbing out! After the last weekend inspiration post my illness came back with a vengeance and I was off work for a few days unable to talk, so just getting back into the swing of things now!

Lots of home inspiration to be pinned still though, and being ill means I had plenty of time on the sofa to browse pinterest.

I like the contrast here between the rustic walls and fireplace, wooden floors and the furniture which is more fancy and homely.
I actually looked at these units instead of our bookshelves but they weren't quite the right size for our living room nooks either side of the fireplace. These have been painted gold and two placed together, for a more high end look which I think would look great in a bedroom or bathroom.
I just love the less than perfect aspect of this desk set up. The chaotic collage on the wall really adds a pop of colour and interest.
Have a great weekend, I'm off to get the house tidy then might get out in the sunshine and start some garden prep for Spring xxx

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