Monday, 24 March 2014

Decorating with guitars...

Tom has 3 guitars, 2 are on stands and one is tucked away down the side of the book case in the living room. The 2 on stands used to be in the living room, but we moved them out to make way for the Christmas tree, they ended up in the bedroom and never came back.
I liked having that bit extra space in the living room, and I finally found a place for the canvases here, where the guitars used to be.
Photo from an upcoming post on flowers!

However due to the mould in the bedroom, the guitars were starting to get mouldy. Considering the Fender is the most valuable thing we own this is not good. I also liked the pop of yellow it brought into the living room, and I want to try to bring more colour in. So the Fender is now back in the corner in front of the CD player, the corner does look a little cluttered so I might move some things out but for now it lives here.
I really need to get a cable tidy in here asap! I like using the guitars as a decor accessory, as otherwise they would just be in cases behind the wardrobe or somewhere and never be seen. Since we have currently some nice yellow daffodils, a plant in a yellow planet and some green and yellow ikat cushions we are starting to get some more yellow in here now.

The other guitar lives in the dining area now, I saw this little spot was empty after we moved the litter tray. Cable tidy needed in here too I really must get on that it's a job I've been meaning to do since we moved in.
Tom will give them a clean as I have no idea what to use on them and they are pretty mouldy :(

We had people round to assess where to put the PIV unit last week which the landlord has sorted out to stop the mould, so hopefully that will be installed soon then I will have a mould purge and just bleach the entire flat! Then we will (fingers crossed) not have to worry about it again.

I hope you all had a great weekend, we went to the final caterer tasting so hopefully will pick one soon and I'll write a post about it on the wedding blog.

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