Saturday, 22 March 2014

Weekend Inspiration

I can finally announce what I'm training for, I actually booked it ages ago but there were some problems with organisation, now it's all confirmed though!

I'm climbing Kilimanjaro in October his year!

Training is going well, I'm not going climbing so much since Tom sprained his ankle as I have to get there on my own, by I'm going to gym classes to top up the time and have been walking and even went on a short run yesterday (I don't enjoy running, find it a bit tedious). Once Tom's back to climbing though I hope to get back to it 3 times a week, with 2 gym classes a week and a walk every weekend.

I am raising money for Maggie's centres, who provide services to people with cancer. There is one near where I live and we run a support group there at work which the patients find really helpful. If you'd be so kind as to sponsor me there is a just giving icon at the top of the toolbar on the right and a link to my page here.

Anyway, still lots of home inspiration on my pinterest page.

I liked this so much I pinned it 3 times! I might just base our bedroom on this (once we get a new bed) as it would work with white walls too, I especially like the furry pouffes and the light fixture as they're soft and feminine but not too overly girly.
What got my attention here was the butterfly garland, it adds in a bit of colour and would be an easy DIY.
I would like to have a dining area like this one day, the yellow chairs are so cheerful!
Have a good weekend everyone xx


  1. Wow! good luck in achieving your "lofty" goal.

    The Thonet chairs (yellow above) are compact and pretty but hard to sit on. I had one I gave to my neice. I think it got put out into the alley as her apartment became infested with bedbugs ;-( owing to a neighbor.

    1. Thanks it's a bit scary but we're looking forward to it! Yes looking at them they don't look like the comfiest seats but I suppose you don't know until you try them...oh no bedbugs I hear they are terrible to get rid of! xx