Monday, 31 March 2014

March Blooms

The flower posts are back! I had hoped to keep them going over the winter but turns out I don't have many flowers over the winter months, probably because they are more expensive and I like the spring flowers.

I did have a few though just not worth a post all of their own, like these lovely roses for our anniversary from Tom in September
 Yes they are in a jug, I broke our large vase a while back.
Then he got me this plant for Valentines, which to celebrate our love I am slowly killing as a sacrifice. I didn't note what it was before I took the label off, and I've tried watering it often and not often and putting it in the direct sun or in the shadier areas but it just is gradually dying.
I cleaned the windows after this! Also you can see I've finally binned the 2 dead plants which were here and reused the pot. You can also see some dried lavender in a pot there. It is gone now as Tom binned it to use the he thought it was just a dead plant.
Then daffodils arrived!
 Yay sunny spring time flowers!
A few for the bedroom too to share the colour around, these also smelled lovely you could smell them as soon as you came into the flat
Tom then replenished them with another bunch, although for some reason used a small Christmas planter for them...
They are gorgeous anyway, and check out my completely accidental photo taking skills there blurring out the background and focussing on the flower in front. Couldn't do it again if I tried!

Next month I want to have some Tulips I think, I love that Spring is finally here :)


  1. Try potting up your Valentine's Day begonia in a larger clay pot. The little plastic one may encourage the roots to rot. Try not to water too much. Also try rooting the leaves in soil to get new plantlings if the original is too far gone (mushy stem). Good luck. Begonias are so pretty!

    1. Thanks so much for the advice, I will repot it right now and see how it goes. Working on the garden this weekend any way so I already have the pots and trowel out!