Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Last year I got a photo book made up of the past 3 years (2010-2012) after I got a groupon voucher for a 100 page photobook.

You can see that one here, and we have a new one for 2013! I went with photobox again and I managed to get it done a bit sooner this year, as I pretty much made it before the end of the year and just waited to have the Christmas and New Year photos to put in. Then I waited for the sale! I ordered it in February, and I'm just as pleased with it as last year's. I've got them both next to the TV, this is 4 years worth of photos so it is a nice slimline way to get them printed rather than in thicker albums. It's also good being tenants to have photos printed to look at but not have to hang lots of frames.
I was a bit stuck for the cover, but went for this one taken when we went ice skaing at a Christmas market.  
The  first page is from our house warming party and night out in January.
Then skips to our trip to Paris in May, we must get better at taking photos of the day to day things!

 Then our engagement/my birthday party
Some nice family shots here, some were taken by my mum's partner Simon on his better camera hence the better photos!
We played skittles after dinner, as we had rented out the back room/skittle alley of the pub.
Me presenting the apprentice award in the category that I won in 2012 to the winner in 2013, with Minty trying to help/lick the pages
Then a few photos to show what we did over our lovely summer last year
When we went to Cornwall for a few days in the glorious summer sunshine...oh I am looking forward to Summer this year!
Climbing montage
Our trip to Albania
A few from my Brother and Cousins 21st Birthday, Tom's work Christmas do and some random walks and nights out (must take more like this!)
Christmas - at my Mum's then Tom's Mum's
New Year - I took hardly any photos and I am in none of them, but you can see how we kindly decorated our hosts bedroom and cloakroom :)
Cat photo montage, I had a surprisingly small amount of photos of them I thought I would have loads!
And finished off with a bit of a blog montage
I again had pages to spare (the same happened last year) so ended up adding in the pet and blog photos at the end just to fill space really. My new years resolution is to take more pictures of things that aren't a 'special occasion' as we take photos on holidays and big nights out, but never of just walks, trips, meals etc and these are the things that make up a year.

It is nice to look back over the photos from the past year while making this, we had a pretty great year! This year the book is going to be full of some wonderful photos so hopefully we won't struggle to fill it, with a trip to Snowdon which we booked on Sunday, our engagement photoshoot, climbing in Stannage and then Kilimanjaro we are going to have plenty of beautiful photos.

Have any of you been printing photos recently? Do you go with albums, frames, or something different?

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