Sunday, 16 March 2014

Weekend Inspiration

Very late one this weekend, Sunday evening still counts as the weekend though! Busy one here, I went to a craft and vintage fair yesterday in Gloucester, went bouldering after then for a meal out in the evening. Today we went swimming in the morning, into town for a bit then cleaned the flat and did some outside work in the lovely sunshine, then over to Toms sisters to give her and her daughter their birthday presents, then for a pub dinner and now home...first time all weekend I've had any spare time! As usual though I've still got plenty of home inspiration on standby...

This Moroccan style sink would add a bit of colour to a bathroom.
There is so much about this living room I like, the teal pouffe, the tiled fireplace, the artwork, the armchairs...I pretty much want to move in right now.
The pop of yellow caught my eye here, just painting the back of something like this is such an easy way to bring in some colour.
I hope you all have had a good weekend, I'm off to watch the live lap of the Earth on channel 4 xx

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