Sunday, 14 April 2013

Bed Browsing

I'm torn between a few styles of bed, I'd like a traditional one in dark wood to match the wardrobes, or a fabric covered one with a tufted headboard, or maybe one with a shelf or thick headboard like in this post. I've been having a browse around and the ones that have stood out are these.

I like the neutral colour and headboard of this one, it could look great with white bedding or you could jazz it up with some bold colours.
The colour and style of something like this would go with our existing furniture, but I'm not sure if it would make the room feel a bit oppressive having all that dark wood in it
Something with a simple shape like this might lighten it up, I like the detail on the headboard
Or the sleigh style but in a lighter colour
I do also really like the idea of a grey bed
And whatever we end up getting I'd love to have something like this behind the headboard or built in to it
That's the few styles I'm looking at right now, by the time we buy one it might well be different! What do you guys think, any preferences?

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