Thursday, 18 April 2013

Flower Girl

I've never really been too fussed about getting flowers, and good job because I don't get many (hint hint to a certain someone), but I do like the look of fresh flowers. They really brighten up a room. At the start of the year I was given some daffodils by a friend as a house warming gift, and these tulips for helping a colleague run some meetings over last year
They just make the room a bit more colourful, I have one vase but it's a bit too big really, so I used this pot for them and I like the look of it on the coffee table.
I did get some flowers from Tom on valentines day, which did warrant using the big vase!
I've started to buy small bunches of flowers myself, mostly daffodils as they're in season and cheap, usually only £1 a bunch so always I get 2 bunches.
I like to get the ones that are still closed as they open up in a few days and last a bit longer than the ones that are already open when you buy them I think
And once they do open they are just as pretty

I'm going to try and keep up getting flowers regularly as I like having them around. Unfortunately I don't pass anywhere daily that sells flowers so try and take the opportunity when I do, like in the supermarket of from stalls in town so we will see but I hope to get some at least once a month if I can, unless someone starts to buy them for me... :)

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