Monday, 8 April 2013

Garden Party Shopping Haul

I said last weekend that I would share what I bought at the Gloucester Quays home and garden party soon, over the weekend I finally got round to taking photos of my shopping haul
The 2 on the left were £9.50 each or 2 for £18, they are watering globes you fill them with water and upturn them in the soil, they keep plants watered for up to two weeks. I can't wait to try them out once we get our pots planted, as pots need a lot of watering and it means we can leave them if we go away and not worry about our plants dying. I haven't tried them yet but if they work I will order more (from here) as they look better than other irrigation systems I've seen that include plastic pots or tubing.
The candle holder was only £5, they had smaller ones for £3 and larger ones for £6. It's going to go out in the garden but in the winter I might bring it indoors as it would work inside too. From here.
These fridge magnets were only £1 each so I got three, from here. They came with free chalk which is a nice touch, they're a bit small to write more than one word on but could be cute for little messages.
Also while Mum and I were waiting in the shopping centre for Tom to pick us up I got these from The Works, they have 3 designs in each box of 9 cards, and were £1.99 each on buy one get one free, so it was a bargain £3.98 for all 4. I like to have some cards on hand in case of last minute occasions (Or if I have forgotten to by one!) and these are pretty cute.
So that's my little load of shopping, I also discovered a great second hand book shop in Cheltenham Saturday so bought in a load of books and will be going back (Already nearly finished one so probably soon). I may have also bought 2 dresses on my way home...

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