Thursday, 11 April 2013

Second Ottoman

We got another hamper for the top of Toms wardrobe

We put all the smaller stuff in there that was in the wardrobe in the hallway, like Toms remote control car, his telescope, board games etc. It leaves a bit more room in the other wardrobe for larger stuff like suitcases, cat carriers and the Christmas tree.

The bedroom is starting to come together a bit more, I want to get a new bed at some point and get the room into a more simple style as at the moment we have lots of different styles of furniture in here and although I like an eclectic mix of furniture and accessories (not the 'all from the same catalogue' look) this room looks chaotic and mismatched at the moment. The new wardrobes help and they kind of go with my little chest of drawers and the trunk, but the old bedside tables and the bed look so out of place. 

To be honest it would only take a few purchases to get this room looking more finished but they are large buys that we need to save up for or find second hand or cheap. When we have the furniture sorted and I can see the wood for the trees in here I want to get new bedding, artwork and either a new mirror or revamp my current one. I love to have an ongoing project though!

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