Sunday, 28 April 2013

March/April Flowers

I'm going to try out a new post that I'll do monthly on flowers that I've had, as it might make me stick to having them in the house more often! Most of February and March were covered in this post on flowers, but also in March I got these, total £6.50 for both bunches.

The obligatory daffodils but I also wanted to get something else as well, I used some for some smaller pots around the house, on the desk in the office
In the bathroom
In the bedroom, made from the broken flowers with really short stems from the bunch and a few daffodils as I can fill this vase to the brim without it showing.
Yes that is my finger on the bottom left of the picture, Jazzy was being really clingy for some reason and kept trying to nuzzle the camera or jump onto the table in front of the flowers so I was trying to keep her out of the way. I really need to get Photoshop or something!

I do like daffodils and while they're in season will carry on getting them but will try and get some other flowers with them as well. On mothers day I bought some daffodils and tulips, when I gave them to my mum my niece Grace who is 3 said 'Oh Granny's favourite!' I said 'Oh yes flowers' not thinking she would know the different types of flowers being 3 and all, she looked at us like we were silly and said 'No abadales!' meaning daffodils as she had seen some at mums a few days before and had been told what they were called, bless her!

Also these carnations at the end of March/start of April just from the supermarket with the food shopping
Again I spread them around the house in smaller vases, in the bedroom
And the bathroom
Also a few days later Tom brought these home

Although they are beautiful, they were unfortunately relegated to the bathroom because lilies are poisonous to cats, and Jazzie does like to eat flowers and plants if she gets half the chance. I didn't want to chuck them out though so thought as we keep the bathroom door closed and the cats couldn't really get to them on the back of the loo (There's nowhere to sit and nibble on the flowers any way) it would be ok. They do make the bathroom smell lovely though, which is always a bonus!

So that's the flowers we have had in March/April, we also added some plants to the back garden and generally got it ready to be used (is everyone else as impatient for summer as we are?!) and have a post coming up soon!


  1. Beautiful flowers, they really do make a place feel much brighter and lived in. I was shopping yesterday and accidentally came home with 4 bunches of daffodils.

    I've been reading through your blog and love it! Plus I love that you're Glos/Chelts based as I went to uni in Glos and loved it there.

    1. Aw thanks, it's a lovely area we're so happy we moved here!


      p.s I think I just started following you on bloglovin, I'm a bit new to it switched from google reader!