Sunday, 7 April 2013

More Accessory Storage...

Tom remarked the other day while we were putting away clothes how he has his wardrobe to store all his clothes and I have my wardrobe, chest of drawers, the old bedside tables in the corner (my underwear, tights and socks are in them), my shoes in the trunk and my bags and belts under the bed. For someone who doesn't buy clothes that often I have a lot of them and I definitely spread them out! So I've had a clear out of the wardrobe, and I also noticed that actually my shoes took up only about half of the available space in the trunk, so I thought it would be good to get all my handbags and belts into here as well and have all of my shoes and accessories together!

The only problem is the space that was left was high not wide so I needed to layer my shoes, but the box from our old laptop fit perfectly on top of the bottom layer of shoes
 Then I put the shoes I wear more often on the top
The storage box my bags were in while under the bed fit perfectly next to them
Then I put the lid on and laid my belts on top
I moved this picture off the turtle tank as I was worried about it getting damp (it's been replaced by a wipeable print that I'll share picture of soon) and put it on here for now, although eventually I want it to go over the bed once we have agreed with the landlord where we can put some picture hooks (yay things on the wall finally!)

VoilĂ !
And there is an actual space under the bed now, how long do we think that will last?

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