Friday, 26 April 2013

Friday Inspiration

Busy busy busy this week! We have a work event tomorrow that I've been working towards and planning for the last few weeks/months so hopefully all goes well but I've been doing all the last minute things this week, off out for a meal this evening to relax!

As always I have still been pinning away on Pinterest (mainly while on the bus to work!) and this is what's caught my eye this week

I really like this DIY, and might even give it a go for my dressing table area once the bedroom is more 'together' and we have a colour palette decided
I am in love with this bathroom entrance, the rest of the property is beautiful too
From the same blog, although before I started following it (I had just pinned the image on Pinterest), this room is gorgeous and I'd be ecstatic to have a wall of bookshelves
I really like this canvas, and it would be pretty simple to do yourself. I'm a fan of DIY artwork, but cannot draw or paint so these kind of projects are perfect!
This coffee table is right up my street, it reminds me of one we used to have that I have debated getting back but really a round table wouldn't look right with our corner sofa. The floor to ceiling windows/room dividers are also lovely and let in so much light

Have fun weekends everyone!

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