Thursday, 25 April 2013

Cat's Crockery

Our cats have been eating from old plastic bowls for years, and while they don't care (They'd happily eat off the floor probably) I've been wanting to get them some nicer looking bowls seeing as I have to look at them every day in the kitchen. I've been keeping an eye out in pet shops but all the designated 'pet' bowls seemed a bit naff, they all have paw prints or fish or bones on them which doesn't really tie in with the look I'm going for in the kitchen. I started looking out in other shops for any cheap bowls that would be suitable for the job, even if they weren't necessarily pet bowls.

I was browsing in HomeSense after a trip to the big B&Q in Gloucester (The one in Cheltenham is closer but smaller) to get the materials for the runner, I was actually just killing time as I was meeting friends for lunch down the road and was really early but didn't want to drive all the way home then back. I do love a good browse in HomeSense as they have such pretty stuff and it's all at such good prices, but on this occasion I had no intention of buying anything.

Then I found this double bowl and got a bit of inspiration as the cats currently have a plastic double bowl for their water. Yes the fact this picture was taken in our kitchen gives away that I bought it, I also bought the small bowls for food, they're quite shallow actually like finger bowls or plates which is perfect as they're easily rinsed over.
The small bowls were £2.99 each, and the double bowl was £4.99, they would be nice for chips and dips not that they will be used for anything other than the cats now they've slobbered all over them!
I didn't get another double bowl for food because Minty can't have dried food as when we first got them she got cystitis and dry food can be a cause of this, but then when we took them recently for their jabs Jazzies teeth are really bad and she needs to go and get them scaled. She now needs to eat dried food to clean her teeth, they are probably so bad because she has only been eating tinned food for the last 2 years because of Minty. So we now need to try and give them different food a few times a week which is a pain in the backside but better than having to take them to the vets all the time for teeth cleaning or antibiotics!

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