Friday, 5 April 2013

Friday Inspiration

It's been a busy week, with a lovely relaxing long weekend but then a shorter work week that has whizzed by and now it's already Friday!

I haven't really been browsing the internet or Pinterest as much this week, but these are a few things I've seen that I've found interesting

This looks like an easy project that would look great on a fridge or chalkboard, you could use coins from each country you travel to and add to them over time

My life's ambition is to one day have 3 things in my house, a kitchen with an island, a roll top bath and a library or at least floor to ceiling bookshelves. I would have any of the rooms on this page but this one is my favourite just for sheer volume of books

I love this bedroom, so simple and fresh

The prints behind the desk here are so bright and I love the matching red accents on the desk

This is a cute idea, and you could do it for so many different things even just favourite places you have travelled to

Have a lovely weekend everyone, I'm looking forward to a lie in tomorrow, for a short week it has been tiring!

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