Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Kitchen Upgrades

While I got the corner in the kitchen looking a bit better back here it still looked a bit cluttered
We don't usually have so many salad dressings but we got loads for Christmas, and I wanted to make a bit more room in the cupboard to get them inside if possible. Also to tidy up the top of the cupboard as it looked ike this

I've been wanting to organise the top of the cupboard here for a while as it looked so chaotic with all the mess underneath and boxes etc on the top, so on a trip to The Range I bought glass storage jars in a few sizes.

After filling them all up with the icing sugar and flour that were on the top of the cupboard and also with the pastas and lentils that were inside it I managed to make a bit more space inside for the salad dressings and it looked more like this
I also moved the Bourbon biscuit tin to the top of the cupboard opposite to get that off the counter
So much tidier, and as they're proper storage jars with seals actually it will help the contents to keep for longer
I kept the porridge down as I use that every morning, but I don't mind it being on the counter in a nice jar rather that in the bag it came in.
I also got this for £5.99!
So here's that side of the kitchen now
Much better, and it's also easier to see what we have when it's in the jars rather than just shoved up there in their original packaging.

The jars cost £1.49 for the smallest 700ml, £2.49 for the middle sized 2100ml and £2.79 for the largest 3100ml. The large ones really hold a lot there's a whole pack of porridge in one and 3 bags of flour in the other!

In total this little upgrade cost under £20, £18.04 to be exact.

Next on the list in the kitchen is to sort out the bins, as you can see in the last picture the recycling one isn't really big enough, and the collection here seems to be a bit unreliable (anyone else living in Cheltenham find this?) so I'd like to get a dual bin or at least one the same as the silver bin, which we use for general rubbish and non recyclables, for the recycling.

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