Friday, 19 April 2013

Friday Inspiration

Well this week has flown past too! Looking forward to a relaxing weekend.

I've seen quite a lot of inspiring images this week, as usual more on my Pinterest.

I love mid century furniture, and you can find so much of it in second hand shops for not much, the large artwork here also balances out the low side board
I want this exact thing for our TV unit (I've kind of decided I don't like ours)
I'm pinning ridiculous amounts of desks and offices at the moment, and I'm interested in the idea of a desk/table like this that 2 people could also eat at so it serves a double purpose
I'm loving this idea, you wouldn't have to use it as a headboard it could also be used for large scale art that you can make at home and lean against a wall - perfect for tenants!
I have no need for a nursery (and not planning to need one for a long time, don't get too excited mum!) but if I did it would look like this, it caught my eye on Pinterest because the colours are unusual for a nursery (most on there are in pastel colours or neutrals like white or grey) and I love the chalk board and painted ceiling! Really I could just move the cot out and a bed in and quite happily sleep there myself...
p.s. if you click through that last one the rest of the nursery and the baby are also pretty adorable!

Have great weekends everyone xx

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