Monday, 1 April 2013

Shopping Trip!

The bath mat under the cat litter tray was working well, it catches any litter they kick out and also while they are both very good at using the litter tray the cats do sometimes miss a little. I was fed up of hoovering and mopping in here every day so though adding in a mat underneath would be good so we can just shake out anything on there into the bin liner we use when emptying the litter trays. It worked well but the mat was starting to get a bit gross and I couldn't wash it every day, so on a trip to Primark I got 2 more so I could change them out every few days, this blue/teal one
And this darker blue one
I also got the rubber shower mat as our bath is a bit slippy, they were all £4 each, oh and I may have gotten distracted and bought these
 Ooops :)

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