Friday, 12 April 2013

Friday Inspiration

I've gotten back into the swing of it after a short week last week and the working week has flown by! I've also been working through my book haul from a visit to a second hand bookshop last weekend so haven't actually been online that much but it is lovely to unplug for a bit and read a good old fashioned book (Just finished 'Notes from a small island' and started on 'Notes from a big country' by Bill Bryson, both have made me giggle out loud on the bus and are quite addictive)

Anyway as always I did squeeze in a bit of Pinterest browsing between books (hard life I have I know), and this is what has caught my eye, click on the pictures for links to the websites.

I really like the idea of home made pendant lamp shades, and made of globes!
I'm trying to have fresh flowers around more often and am looking at different ways to display them, this whole page has some lovely arrangements
I really would love to have one of these!
I love this calm and muted bedroom, and the rest of the project is also pretty gorgeous!
This is such an unusual lamp, and would make a feature in an office or living room

Have great weekends everyone, we're out tomorrow for some friends birthdays, and I'm going to wear one of my new dresses I bought last weekend.

If I don't hate the result I might even do an outfit post...not sure I want to stray too far into fashion blogging as seeing as I am typing this in my PJs it would be pretty dull (work clothes, jeans or day dress are my main outfit choices) but sometimes if I like an outfit I might put a quick photo up...

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